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Myrtle is of great sacred importance in many cultures and religions. This plant symbolizes love, peace, beauty and marital fidelity.

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All gold collection items are made from carefully collected, selected and dried plants. Each work is equipped with an original children’s drawing.


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About Liat shop

Hi, there! We are a very creative family form Israel. Dad, Yoav Prokofyev is an israeli designer and illustrator, and his daughter Liat is an elementary school student and a wonderful little singer. We make all our products thoughtfully, beautifully and elegantly. 

We live in a country spiritually connected with the whole world.  One day, Liat came up with the idea of how to share a piece of our Holy Land with you. And together we created this store. Welcome!

Something unique, something very rare, something special. The only one workshop in the world producing this type of herbarium from plants of the Holy Land. All our handmade works are unique and inimitable!
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